Fulfilment By Suppliers


Why did my order come in a Catch box?

Kmart has partnered with Catch to support the timely delivery of items to our customers.

Is Kmart using Catch to fulfil orders across Australia?

No. Currently only some customers in NSW will have orders fulfilled by Catch.

I have not received all the items from my order in my Catch box?

You may still receive your order in multiple cartons. Please check your Order tracking for information on all cartons being delivered. If your items have been cancelled, you will receive an email notification to advise you that the item has been cancelled and refunded.


My order in my Catch box has arrived damaged or is missing items, do I need to contact Catch?

No. Kmart Team Members will assist in addressing your concerns. Please Contact Us for further support.


What will my Order tracking Show?

All of our orders fulfilled by Catch will show ‘Bass Hill Kmart.’ Bass Hill Kmart will not be able to provide information on your order. Please Contact Us for further support.